Saturday, April 24, 2010

April Showers Bring MAY flowers

what a great day to just sit and read a book in my empty house... it's been raining like crazy! I love the sound of a hard rain on the roof. so peaceful. love.

i feel like everything is about to change. this is the calm before the storm. Everything is about to really start moving and shaking in my life and everybody else's around me. it may have taken a year after graduating, but now that all my friends and i have a year of experience under our belts, we're all about to take the next step. i've been trying to not really think about how all of this might mean moving apart, but the closer that it gets, the more real it is.

my best friends and i have always been just around the corner since high school. we all went to Eastside together, then the time came for applying for colleges... and we all decided to go to Clemson... then after graduating, everybody but Jennifer moved back to Greenville, while she stayed in Seneca (which was only an hour drive).

i'm not gonna lie, this past year, most of us did some major growing up. i've been living in a house and i bought a brand new car and i teach middle school... but i made the decision to not settle in my job. i need to get my own elementary classroom, so i declined to renew my contract in Spartanburg. This leads me to the land of temporary anxiety. i need to find a job by August. If i don't i really don't know what life will be like for the next school year. i've applied to different districts all over, but there are just no openings... that was until i got a response from Prince William County School District... in Virginia.

i go in for an interview on May 28. this could be where i'm working, where i'm living. life's next stop. and it'll take me from my friends, my family, and everything i've known in the upstate. it's kind of exciting... until i think about it as a reality. then it's almost scary, yet still exciting.

My best friend is looking for job opportunities and such, and she just expanded her job search to other cities across the US. So her location is also uncertain in the near future. One of my friends is going to get engaged SUPER soon... so life is going to be completely different for her, and she'll be moving from place to place with her husband who is in the Marines. Jen is staying in Seneca for another year, but she thinks she'll be moving to Texas after that for either grad school or teaching opportunities. Then Megan wants to pursue the Peace Corps, living in another country for two years.

it's crazy. everything will be changing really soon. this is the calm before the storm.