Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Prince.

For the past year i've been working on me. An event happened last year that proved to me that I needed to become more focused on being happy with myself, by myself. I used to think that I needed someone else to be happy. I would spend time wishing and hoping and thinking about that "special someone"... thinking "if only we could happen". Hours of my time spent focused on someone else to fill that piece of me that i felt i was missing. I was focused on finding a boyfriend, and it was almost always somewhere in the back of the mind.

When I found that guy, I ended up finding out that he didn't solve all the problems in my life. After a lot of tears and a little healing, I decided that I needed to be okay with myself.

So I took the time.

I graduated, got a big-girl job, and did a lot of growing up. I have never been so happy with myself, as far as not feeling like I need anyone to complete me (besides the Father, of course). Now I feel like I am ready for that adult relationship. I'm done with the college scene... I want a man, not a boy. Been there. Done that. I don't want to settle...

Let's see how it goes...

Sunday, January 3, 2010

From a B to Phonomenal...

So I didn't put up any of the Christmas decorations... surprised?

tee hee.

25 things that make me SMILE

1. my kitty cat
2. warm, rainy days
3. long talks with good friends
4. flannel sheets
5. random text messages
6. good music
7. derek :)
8. laughing about nothing
9. kid giggles
10. my clemson tigers
11. sweet tea
12. board games
13. rocking chairs
14. a good book on the beach
15. driving aimlessly
16. taking pictures
17. cheesy chick flicks
18. kisses
19. starbucks berry chai
20. road trips
21. chewy spree
22. airplane flights
23. coaching my students
24. dancing
25. comfy PJ pants


Remembering the Past year...

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New Year, New Blog

Well happy 2010 everyone! It's been quite the eventful 2009. I've graduated from Clemson and gotten a job teaching... moved out of an apartment and into a house... and have done some major growing up. At least I think so.

I miss the days when I could write down my thoughts. I've realized that it matters not very much who to, but just that I get the chance to think them through. Sometimes I felt more insightful five years ago when I look back. It's then that I realize there is a problem, that I need an outlet. I need this more than I knew I did. And I mean that in the least emotional way possible. :)

Today is the day that I take the Christmas decorations down. I bought my very first Christmas tree this year. One that is pre-lit and my very own. I don't know, I guess I see it as a right of passage of growing up. It's not a Charlie Brown Christmas tree. It's a full-fledged 7 footer. I bought all kinds of decorations for the house. I even put up icicle lights on the outside of the house! Although I'm sure our neighbors found it hilarious that the sun decided to set and the sky decided to open up when I was about halfway through. I powered through it, and needless to say, I don't want to take them down. Not only because it is a pain, but because I really worked hard putting them up there. Booo for Christmas being over.

School starts back tomorrow. I teach middle school out in the country, and while the students don't come back tomorrow, we have a full day of professional development. Analyzing midterm exams, talking with our team members on how we can improve, and all the fun stuff that goes along with starting the new semester. Our principal has a full day planned for us... from 8 AM to 3 PM. Wish us luck!

I'm gonna go start putting everything away and getting ready for what should be a fun semester... hold on to your hats! I'mma try and do this thing! :)