Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Prince.

For the past year i've been working on me. An event happened last year that proved to me that I needed to become more focused on being happy with myself, by myself. I used to think that I needed someone else to be happy. I would spend time wishing and hoping and thinking about that "special someone"... thinking "if only we could happen". Hours of my time spent focused on someone else to fill that piece of me that i felt i was missing. I was focused on finding a boyfriend, and it was almost always somewhere in the back of the mind.

When I found that guy, I ended up finding out that he didn't solve all the problems in my life. After a lot of tears and a little healing, I decided that I needed to be okay with myself.

So I took the time.

I graduated, got a big-girl job, and did a lot of growing up. I have never been so happy with myself, as far as not feeling like I need anyone to complete me (besides the Father, of course). Now I feel like I am ready for that adult relationship. I'm done with the college scene... I want a man, not a boy. Been there. Done that. I don't want to settle...

Let's see how it goes...

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