Saturday, July 10, 2010

Wild at Heart meets Captivating

I long to be swept up in a great adventure.

This morning is definitely what I needed. It feels like May of '08... which is not worth revisiting. If you knew me then, you know exactly where I was in that season. Maybe that should spur me to make some big decisions, but i'm just not there.

EVERYTHING is just so uncertain right now. I feel like there is a deadline on everything, and even though there literally is in some cases, i'm just trying to weigh everything out.

I'm reading Wild at Heart right now, after reading Captivating about 5 times... Allison Grogan and Reid suggested back in the day that I read it to supplement all the great stuff we were going over in the book study for FCA. It is amazing to me some of the stuff that John talks about in the book, and it makes me want to go back and read Captivating all over again. I was taking notes on Choir Tour and getting flack about it. Let's just say Im influencing youth of America daily... instead of just being a nerd. or i'm just a nerd... either way. There was just soooo many good things that I wanted to write down. sue me.

it does feel like May of '08. this needs to change.

prayed for courage, patience, love, discernment, healing, peace, and overall guidance. after all, God is too good to me... i could at least trust that he'll take care of me in everything. Because he loves me enough to answer that essential question in all little girls' hearts. And boy, does it feel good. like it should be. :) He fights for me... battles for me... on the daily.

John talks about evaluating what defines you in life. What is it that drives you, makes you feel worth it? Is it your job, how handsome your spouse is, how much money you make, a talent that you have? What do you take the most pride in? Now- stop and think about what you would do if that was suddenly taken away? Where would you be? WHO would you be? Cause you are still worth it... you were created because you were worth it. Find out where your strength really comes from and go fight the battle. Be who you were created to be without hesitation. no hesitation.

He tells little girls that they are beautiful, worth fighting for, exquisite... they are captivating.

He tells little boys that they are strong, they have a battle to fight, a beauty to rescue... they have what it takes.

Because He's just that good. word.

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